Kahoot Landscape Gardening LLC

Kahoot Landscape Gardening Services is a leading landscape company with over a decade of delivering fine quality work to its customers. Our offering on outdoor services include Landscape, Swimming Pools, BBQ area, Pergolas and Gazebo’s.


PO Box: 214028, Office #612,
Indigo Tower, International City,
Dubai – United Arab Emirates

+971 50 2535350


Timing: 09:00 - 17:00
Location: Dubai, UAE
Call: +971 50 2535350
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Construction water fountain

Kahoot Landscaping & Gardening / Construction water fountain

Nothing can add more beauty to your property a Beautifully Enacted Fountain Water is a vital element in our life. We probably cannot survive without getting water every single day. But have you ever realized that water can be utilized for decorations, that it can be...